DIY Tips: A Beginners Guide to Maintaining a Perfect Pool

Enjoying a splash in the pool on a hot summer day is a sublime experience, but maintaining a pool can feel like a daunting task. Our tips and tricks from Pool Mart will help you manage it all by yourself.

Understanding Your Pool’s Chemistry

A key aspect of pool maintenance is understanding the water chemistry. Regularly check and adjust the pH, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels to ensure your pool water is healthy and clear. The optimal pH range is 7.4 to 7.6. High alkalinity can cause cloudy water and damage pool equipment. An ideal level for alkalinity is approximately 100 parts per million. By maintaining the right balance, you can avoid pool problems like algae and bacteria. You can purchase various kits for testing water chemistry, follow the instructions carefully to get accurate results. You can learn more about water chemistry essentials here.

Keep the Pool Clean

Keeping your pool clean is a fundamental aspect of pool maintenance. Manual cleaning and using automated pool cleaners can both efficiently remove debris from the pool. It is essential to scrub and vacuum the pool walls and floor regularly to avoid dirt accumulation and potential algae growth. Also, remember to clear out strainer baskets at least once a week to improve circulation and decrease the demand for chlorine.

Monitor Water Levels

The level of water in your pool will fluctuate after a heavy rain or an afternoon of kids doing cannonballs. You should check the water level every week. It’s crucial to maintain it at the center level of your pool skimmer or pool tile for optimal results. If the water is too low, the pump may get damaged. If it is too high, the skimmer door won’t work properly. Use a garden hose to add water or a submersible pump to remove it if necessary.

Have a Professional Inspection Annually

DIY maintenance can go a long way, but there is a need for an annual professional checkup. A pool professional can spot issues like leaks, wear and tear that are not always visible to the untrained eye. When the inspector comes, have any questions ready to ask to further prosper your knowledge.

Maintaining a pool on your own may seem overwhelming, but with these DIY tips from Pool Mart, you’ll become a pool management pro in no time.