Conquer your “Too Hot, Too Cold” Drama With Temperature Control, Inc.

Ever feel like Goldilocks in your own home? “This room is too hot! This room is too cold!” Temperatures fluctuating like a yo-yo? Well, dash your discomfort to oblivion folks, because Temperature Control, Inc. is here to serve in Tucson, AZ!

If the sultans of swelter are making your living room a sauna or if queen of the winter is turning your kitchen into a deep freezer, fret not! We got you covered with top-notch AC Installation and Heating System Installation.

Our team of HVAC experts—let’s call them the ‘Temperature Avengers’— are at your call at all hours to swoop in for swift, professional HVAC Repair. Air Conditioning Services? They’re like a walk in the park for our team! Air Conditioning Repair? We’ve got it in the bag.

Whether you’re in sunny Tortolita, windy Catalina Foothills, breezy Oro Valley, snowy Casas Adobes, or anywhere in Amphi, we get your temperature just right! So, say goodbye to your Goldilocks moments. Temperature Control, Inc.— turning “too hot” and “too cold” into “This is just right!”