About NexAir Home Services, LLC

At the heart of West Virginia lies a dedicated team creating Nex Level comfort solutions for homes, namely, NexAir Home Services, LLC. As a veteran-owned, and family-operated business, we know the value of being attentive to the needs of our community, offering services like Furnace Replacement and Heater Installation. Our roots imbibed the essence of this magnificent state, driving our passion for providing unparalleled service to our fellow West Virginians.

A West Virginian Legacy

Every service rendered by the NexAir team carries an inherent pride, drawn from our West Virginian upbringing. Our commitment to go above and beyond sets us apart as more than a business; we are a part of the community. Whether it is the chillier winter months or the sweltering summer, we aim to ensure that your home’s temperature is perfectly tailored for your comfort. From furnace replacements to heater installations, our team of skilled professionals ensure operations run seamlessly.

Nex Level Commitment

We are dedicated to your comfort, making sure homes are well equipped with efficient heating and cooling systems. With NexAir, your home isn’t just another project; it’s part of a broader community that we’re privileged to serve. Experience the ‘Nex Level’ of home services today with NexAir Home Services.